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Ascension Mining is a top down shooter about mining asteroids in a hostile environment. You play as a convicted criminal, sentenced to life imprisonment, but you have elected to waive this punishment in exchange for one year of working for Ascension Mining; a company that harvests a valuable energy  resource, called CeZium, from deep space. Many convicts try to take this route to freedom, but working for Ascension is brutal and most miners don't survive their year. This is primarily because of the Raptors; a hostile yet unintelligent species that feeds off of CeZium. They want it almost as much as you do and they have the means to tear you apart in order to get it.

You are not helpless though. By collecting CeZium, you'll be able to buy new parts, weapons, and upgrades for your mining ship. Will you construct a ship that's a tank capable of absorbing all the punishment the asteroid field can throw at you, or will you make a ship that's nimble enough to fly circles around the Raptors? There are no right or wrong builds, just good and bad pilots.

For each mission, you will have a quota of CeZium you'll need to collect and you'll have to blast apart asteroids and kill Raptors until you reach it. After that, you'll be allowed to return to your hangar or stay in the field to collect more. Any extra you have when you return can be spent on new equipment.

Gameplay Features:

  • Top down shooter action
  • Physics based movement allowing you to dash and drift across the asteroid field.
  • Resource management of your fuel tank, which not only holds the CeZium you need to collect to reach your quota for each mission, but also powers your thrust and any energy based weapons you're using.
  • An in depth ship construction interface. Choose your ship parts and your weapons and watch as the robotic arms assemble your ship right in front of you.
  • Thousands of part/weapon combinations that allow for a variety of play styles.

What to expect from this demo:

  • About 45 minutes - 1 hour of content (depending on how good you are)
  • 11 Levels (including the tutorial level)
  • Enough parts and weapons for over 40,000 unique ship configurations
  • 9 different weapons
  • 3 enemy types
  • A Boss fight
  • Some questionable voice acting (courtesy of yours truly)

To install the game:

When you download and extract the .zip file, you will end up with a file called "AscensionMining.exe" and a folder called "AscensionMining_Data". These two need to be in the same directory for the game to work.


AscensionMiningDemo.zip 485 MB


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A very fun and well put together top down shooter with quite a bit of customization options.  Whether teaching you how to play his game or how to make your own, the narrator is clear and effective .